Terms and conditions

To enable us to keep the cost of repairs to a minimum, the following charges apply:

A deposit/inspection fee of 20 is required for all items brought in for repair.

Equipment will be repaired, if considered worthwhile, up to the approximate the repair limit.

                                                                    Deposit     Repair Limit

VCR, Audio, DVD, Microwave etc.             20                75

Desktop Computers.                                  20                85

    Laptop Computers                                    20                100

  Television                                                   20                100

Please note repair limits are approximate.

If the repair cost is above this amount, we will give an estimate for the repair.
Please note, due to the nature of some faults it can sometimes be difficult to
adhere exactly to the repair limit stated, but we will do our best.
If an estimate is refused the deposit/inspection fee covers part of our costs,
additional charges may apply.

Written Estimates for Insurance purposes 48.00.

There is a minimum charge of 5 for all repairs or testing, including refused estimates.

All major credit cards accepted

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